You never even have to see a real party, in fact, you’ll find thousands of online organizations that you may join at no cost.

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  • March 7th, 2018

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  • March 10th, 2017

This is like the most relevant and a million-dollar question for nowadays. In such a desperate E-Commerce savvy world, where you have trillions of competitors for every comprehendible domain, the boundaries for error are thinner than a strand of hair. This is the point where significantly understanding what to do and what NOT to do is important.

Make a query with any professional digital marketing service provider company for guidance on increasing traffic and sales, you’ll be recommend the following steps:

Social is the Way

Social Media Marketing refers to publicizing on the numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Make sure your website and blog has all social media buttons that fascinate your visitors to follow you.

Many of the SEO companies would advise you to share your content on various social platforms. People are consuming a lot of content on these social media sites, so be there and let people read your stuff. If they engage with you a lot many times, it will build up trust and later, website visits and sales.

Great Content

It is a common problem that E-Commerce website owners don’t provide much consideration to write SEO friendly copy for product descriptions.

If you own a website, then you must admit this that there is no formula for fantastic content. Combine your content with infographics, some visuals effects, listicles, photoblogs etc. Fresh and relevant content would definitely bring better search engine results.

Write Eye-Catching Headlines

Communicate to any specialized SEO services company and you will hear that keyword optimization can only bring traffic to your website. Attractive and catchy headlines make the visitor deep plunge into your content.

Long Tail Keywords

Most of the web explorations, nowadays, are happening around long tail keywords. While ‘app developer’ is a keyword, ‘best app developer in USA’ is a long tail keyword.

Realizing long tail keywords in order of search dimensions is not difficult. Google AdWords, Moz etc. are some of the most popular tools that help you in this direction. Therefore just be sure that your website is augmented with long tail keywords.

Improve Site Load time

One of the factor that marketers mostly overlook is site load time. When a visitor visits your website, would he will go to the next page or not, solely depends upon how rapidly your site loads.

Several visitors turn away from websites when they discover the site slow to load. Even if you hire any best SEO Company for keyword optimization, unless your site is well optimized for images etc., you will hardly get any traffic. In the eagerness to have many striking images on the website, the marketers forget that exceedingly rich images and videos may slow the website down. Do include images but they should be well optimized.

The Site Should be Mobile Friendly

According to innumerable estimates, people are spending much time on mobiles than on laptops and desktops. The most significant takeaway is that the marketers must make their websites mobile friendly.

The website must work great on mobiles and tablets. It should be friendly and understandable to the two main operating systems these days- Android and IOS. If you lose this main sight you may lose out on visitors and sales.


It is not just adequate to make your site attractive by putting great graphics. What is more vital is to virtually get into the mind of the probable visitor and visualize the expected user behavior.

Great websites set in a lot of effort to install terrific UX and UI. The entire layout of the website is fabricated around the customer expectations. Great UX and UI works magic on visitors and get more repeat traffic.

As per a survey, more than 98% of visitors leave the websites they visit without any conversions. But through retargeting, you can influence your visitors to return to your website by reducing cookies on the computers of your first-time visitors.

These cookies or computer engendered programs show themselves up as ads to your visitors as soon as they leave your site and go elsewhere. Therefore make sure your website is well ready for growing traffic and visitors.

Use Analytics

It may happen that you have implemented a great keyword strategy as well as your site is loading fast on mobile devices and tablets, but have you checked your stats yourselves?

You may have hired a proficient SEO services company but it would do you unabridged lot of good if you check for yourself that which keywords are performing and which aren’t. What is the source of your traffic? What is the bounce rate? Are you getting traffic from more of Android devices or through the iPhones etc. Most of the answers to these questions can be found when you install the Google Analytics tool on your website.

Nevertheless these are not the only ways to get more traffic on your site, but you can begin with these 09 well proven strategies that may help you get more visitors and eventually convert them into visitors. Contact us today if you are looking for professional SEO Company to increase traffic and sales on your shopping cart website.

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  • February 23rd, 2017

Among many, there is one things our clienteles appreciate most related to our web design tactics is that we pay attention to every possible detail. We take a scrupulous approach to refine every single details of the website that others habitually miss, which summarizes that Golpik can create a more complete user experience.

We feel delighted to share some of our best quality-promising procedures, so you can gain further insight into what makes a successful website. This handy checklist will make sure you’ve thought of some important finishing touches.


We’re exceptionally proud of the mobile menus and experiences we’ve created for our clienteles. These menus ensure every possible chance that users can effortlessly navigate your website on any device, and simplify the same user experience they would get on a desktop.

All of the smart business owners and shrewd marketers know that responsive web design is not just adding feature but it is necessary requirement to grasp your digital strategy goals. Google have started to penalize those websites that are not responsive, because user experience is an important ranking factor which cannot be neglected.


Favicons are just small icon that signifies your website. They appear in a few areas, including the desktop browser bar and iPhone Safari search. Only this little bit of branding consents your site to be easily – and memorably – identified in a browser tab.

Favicons aren’t a new thing; in actual fact, they have been reinforced since WordPress 4.3, allowing users to update their own site’s icon.

BONUS TIP: You love your site and want to show it off on your phone? Or just want to test if your site has an iPhone icon? Open the website on your iDevice or Android and select “Add to Home Screen” in the browser options.

Here are a few favicons we’ve designed for our client sites:


Our creative developers create several post kinds to help manage the content sections on your website. Some common examples are resources, careers, case studies, posts, and team.

Appropriate content contributors for your site will spend a lot of time in the WordPress dashboard updating, editing and managing the content. Dashboard icons are simply visual line that help users in navigating the different sections – so they can actually get where they need to navigate more quickly.


Social media marketing is an indispensable part of any digital strategy. Providing readers the ability to rapidly and effortlessly share your content with a one-click button is one of the easiest ways to increase your reach – for free.

All of our websites significantly include the option of social sharing buttons, as well as custom social images (which are pulled when the content is shared to different networks), Twitter cards, and Facebook previews.

And hence all of these finishing touches will be beneficial and will ensure that your website is a positive user experience for both your team mates and your clienteles. If you’re curious to know more about us, simply Contact Us and ask for free consultation.

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  • February 9th, 2017

Increased mobile phone usage is changing the E-Commerce dynamics. Merchants and vendors must guarantee their websites functionality is well on smartphones and tablets or there is jeopardy having potential clienteles look elsewhere when they shop. At the same instant, the advancement and hosting burdens of building separate experiences for web and mobile clients is serious. This is where responsive design becomes an integral factor.

Responsive web technologies can naturally recognise the gadget a client influences to get to your webpage and conform the interface accordingly. Actualising responsive design simplifies the technical and specialised side of establishing an E-Commerce site that can chip away at an extensive variety of gadgets. With responsive capabilities in place, you require only establish a site interface that will look great paying little heed to screen measure.

Responsive design is becoming essential. Check out the image below for more details on why responsive is so important and tips on how to meet mobile users’ needs.

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  • January 26th, 2017

According to a research, iOS users buy more apps and pay more for them. Users are paying 14% more per app in 2011 compared to 2010. And this graph have increased drastically by the end of 2016 where more than 35% payments are made as compared to the growth of 2015. 79% of iPhone users said that they downloaded an app in the last 30 days.

According to Statista, in 2015 global mobile application revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. These are more than enough reasons for any company to have an iPhone application development plan, part of a broader mobile strategy.

There are few major steps we take in the iPhone application development process:


This is the step where you evaluate your application idea, your opponents and you establish the market potential for your idea. This is really important as the competition is really big in the App Store.


The design has a mammoth impact on the success of your app. We’ll take care of choosing the right colours, typography, user experience, app icon and screens (including splash screen).


Execute the technical design, programming, integration with external data sources and optimisation/performance tuning.

Quality Assurance

We’ll be testing the app and interacting with beta testers to make sure everything is in order.


You have the option to add the app to the App Store yourself or we can do this for you, it’s your choice.

GOLPIK: We have an extensive expertise in development, design and marketing services adding value to the businesses of our clients based across Europe, US, Australia, Canada and all across the world.

So got an app idea? Don’t waste any time and let us know what you have in mind and we’ll send you in 24 hours a free quote.


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  • January 12th, 2017

When it comes to E-Commerce web designing, numerous businesses are at a misfortune for where to begin. Muddle up thinking, such as, ” How do we manage our inventory?”, “Where do we find product images?” and “How do I choose a company?” dependably appear to emerge. Golpik E-Commerce Website Development offers its recommendation underneath to help you better comprehend E-Commerce and pushing ahead in building up your new site.

When it comes to choosing your E-Commerce website designing syndicate, there are a ton of alternatives. Many organisations claim to be specialists, so how would you know which is seriously trustworthy and which organisation might be a 15 year-old in their basement. The primary region to investigate is the organisation’s portfolio and clients list. Make certain they have involvement and significant experience in site improvement and in particular E-Commerce web designing. There is a major distinction in a standard educational website restricted to E-Commerce sites. Next, make certain the organisation has a location and is effortlessly available. If in the chance, then you have the opportunity to communicate with them and go over thoughts, you need that accessibility. On the other hand, in case you’re not in the locale of the organisation you’re occupied with, make sure they are promptly accessible by means of phone, Skype and email. Also, check into how long the company has been in business, and you can simply request references! Keep in mind, any inquiries or concerns you have, make sure to inquire. The more educated you are, the better the improvement procedure will be.

Managing your product inventory, or getting it online into your store, can regularly appear to be an overwhelming errand. There are a couple ways you can approach this. Your first alternative is to aggregate a database of the majority of your items in an Excel (or Excel sort) design. This will permit your website designing organisation to import the greater part of your products into your site. Keep in mind, images must be attached to your products as well, so make sure to make a section for the product image filename, or name of the majority of your pictures by SKU number. Your other choice is to put in all products by hand. Any E-Commerce site ought to accompany an administration that will permit you to include and add products. Using this administration to add products is typically genuinely simple, yet it can be tedious in the event that you have several things!

Your product imageries are the way to achievement when offering your products on the web. As we all are aware of the fact that, a photograph is justified regardless of a thousand words, and clients need to know precisely what your item looks like before they make a buy. Demonstrating the subtle elements, whether it be a zipper or catch, can be the distinction between sales or losing a potential client. Your photographs are all you bring to the table keeping in mind the end goal to offer your product.

Offering sales and discounts to your potential target market can increase number of sales volume which directly impact your revenue and return on investment. Be sure to hire such E-Commerce designing company who is aware about boosting and giving boom to your business. If a proper well versed E-Commerce designing company is hired, be assured you can get great consultancy and more ideas to penetrate in the market.

For more information regarding E-Commerce website development call us at +1-708-680-6962 and get free 3 hour consultancy from an expert.

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