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5 ways to learn entrepreneurship


  • Golpik Inc Team
  • October 15th, 2019

Every passing graduate dreams to become a boss one day. In reality, it’s not easy at all. Because, it takes effort, time and skills to become a self-made boss (An Entrepreneur). Apparently, turning one’s self successful own boss is not piece-of-cake but it’s not impossible either. Here, you’ll need to learn how to become an entrepreneur and this journey isn’t easy. Well, learning entrepreneurship gets easier when done in hard way, and it is super complicated when it is carried out in easy ways. Perhaps, easier said than done, especially for fresh graduates from universities and colleges, transforming one’s self into successful businessman/businesswoman demands passions, planning and persistence.

Here, I’m sharing 5 ways to learn entrepreneur for fresh graduates. They are easily applicable, time-bound, result-oriented and most importantly, helpful for everybody living anywhere around the globe.

1- Always Think Critically

Believe it or not- Entrepreneurship is like a bumpy ride. There isn’t anything linear in the world of business because what is applicable today might be obsolete by tomorrow. Therefore, it is
indispensable to think critically in order to run a business successfully. Fresh graduates straight-out- of-universities tend to make rash decisions because they are young, energetic and
reckless and their adrenaline rush pump in to blind their decision-making prowess. In the real world, things don’t work like this. An entrepreneur needs to be very analytical and mindful of
his endeavors. In plain words, you can’t make your entrepreneurial idea work unless you’ve learnt to analyze things critically.

Most of the entrepreneurs are a breed of their fantastical worlds. Misfortunately, they present ideas with zero realistic values in the real world. Although, creativity and imagination are pillars
of successful business. However, an idea should be realistic with realistic values for end-users.
Therefore, an idea that can be visible is definitely salable and it’s the leveraging force of critical thinking that lands would-be-successful-entrepreneurs into the world of endless possibilities
and opportunities because you’ve assessed the idea already critically and you’re ready to launch your business venture which is going to transform the lives of millions of people

2- Learn from Industry’s Experts

For recent graduates with zero or minimum experiences, managing business might be hard-nut-to-crack as it’s not always easy to experience, experience and experience in this fickle world of entrepreneurship. This is the lifecycle of a business doomed to fail badly even within a couple of years. Don’t shy away from learning from industry experts. Find a mentor, be patient, learn and reflect and you will be equipped with hands-on experience to cope up with the in-and-outs of the business world.

There are many real-life examples of mentor-mentee relationship that prove that all best inventive and innovative products, services or apps that we use every day or interact daily bred from mentor-mentee collaboration. Here, I’m presenting you few of them below:
– Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg: He created Facebook- a $55.838 billion online social
media and social networking service.
– Barbara Walters mentored Oprah Winfrey: She hosted The Oprah Winfrey Show for long 25
years and became highest-earning talk show host.
– Larry Summers mentored Sheryl Sandberg: She became Facebook’s COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Mentors are lighthouse. They guide when going gets tough. They correct you when you’re making mistakes. They help when you need them most. So, look for an expert before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey and accomplish your business goals.

3- Get Sales Experience

Zero-sum competition is inevitable in entrepreneurship. Either you win or you badly lose. And, there is no third option, Period. Therefore, you should get first-hand sales experience- as a fresh graduate. Selling gives you instant impression of how do customers think and how they make buying decisions. Likewise,
you get to know buyers’ personas of your clients: psychologically and demographically.

Plus, you learn an important skill in a business- how to strike a deal and succeed with a win-win situation. In a recent study by United States Department of Labor, more than 60% of start-ups fail within the first 5 years and reason: They fail to come up with the right strategy to execute right business plan at the right time.
Well, reasons may vary but not having failproof plan to sell products or services is one of the key reasons that business fail, even though they have good
products, and they work their tails off to spread the word of mouth or market digitally across different social media platforms.

Therefore, if you’re a newbie with fresh graduate degree, try your hands around selling. Your hard work will be bound to bring maturity, experience and foresightedness in your entrepreneurial personality.

4- Learn to Leverage the Power of Internet

Internet is the part and parcel of every business’s success. Let alone thriving, no business can even survive healthily in this fast-paced technological world without online presence. Therefore, it is
indispensable for a young fresh graduate to educate himself to get internet presence. There are many ways to leverage the power of the internet for your success as ‘Entrepreneur’. I’m going to share few
best tips below that can help you out in making the most of the internet for your business success:

1-Video Marketing: People are instantly willing to build trust with companies with real-time videos. A consumer loves service provider which is authentic, professional and easy-to-use. So, master the art of
making message-driven videos. A fresh graduate can learn entrepreneurship fast with video marketing
as it is ever-spreading domain for entrepreneurs

2- Podcast: Recording a podcast is an art and science so as entrepreneurship. For a newly-born fresh graduate in fast-changing world of entrepreneurship, podcast recording hones skills of persuasion and
presentation. An entrepreneur with hands-on communication skills tend to win his goals earlier.

3- Ecommerce Website: eCommerce is new digital revolution. So, develop an Ecommerce website, if you’re not tech-savvy; hire a company or an expert for website development. Make an eCommerce site
and embark on your journey. Rest assured: you will learn the ins-and-outs of being an entrepreneur.

All-in-all, learn to leverage the power of the internet: it will perfect you; it will complete you and it will escalate your maturity, conviction and long-sightedness when it comes to decision-making.

5- Start from a Small

You can’t learn to swim without jumping, you can’t become chef without learning how to cook, likewise, you can’t learn entrepreneurship without starting your own business even from small. Therefore, a fresh
graduate should look for opportunities to start his own business. Look for opportunities and try to evaluate feasibility. It’s not a tough-nut-to-crack, with a correct brainstorming and careful planning, a fresh graduate can come up with
an insightful idea to initiate his journey and learn entrepreneurship, that too with ease.

For example, if a fresh graduate gets an opportunity to work as an independent real-estate agent on a commission basis, this short-or-long term offer may add significant value in his professional career and ultimately, may lead to entrepreneurial transformation.

Always remember: Nobody with been-there-and-done-that approach is the right fit for entrepreneurship because it changes every day, it’s risky, and it requires you to be analytical, critical thinker and bold to adopt new changes, and you can only overcome your fear of learning entrepreneurship by actually establishing your own business.

Final Words: 5 Ways to Learn Entrepreneurship for Fresh Graduates

Long story short, there is no hard-and-fast rules, set principles or rocket science to learn entrepreneurship. This world is witness of those people who never went to high school and led big business. So, it depends upon YOU that how do you learn fast the art of establishing and managing business and become your own boss. All five ways discussed in this post are applicable and trustworthy: Become critical thinker, be a quick learner, learn the art of selling quick, leverage the power of internet and start your own business, if possible, from small.

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  • Golpik Inc Team
  • October 14th, 2019

Do you want to shift your online store from nowhere to everywhere but you’ve failed fast and, unfortunately, often; it’s the right time to think again about which platform will work best for you: WordPress or Magento.

If you want to create an interactive, highly presentable and features-rich website;WordPress, Magento- These are the best platforms that have full capacities to turn your plain ideation into realization.

Beyond a question, they are incredibly user-friendly, easily customizable, very intuitive open-source CMS that will assist you to incorporate eCommerce functionalities to escalate your online business progress across the digital landscape. Even though there are synonymous to each other in the basic features, there are some key differences that set apart to both Content Management Systems (CMS) from each other.

Finding a reliable CMS out of WordPress and Magento is tough-nut-to-crack. Well, to help you come up with the right decision, I’m presenting a comprehensive comparison between two world famous platforms. Surely, it will help you to find one best option for setting up a user-centric eCommerce site.

Let’s dive in!


a. WordPress

No one can deny that fact: More than 70 million websites are built on WordPress. It shows WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System(CMS), that contains thousands of top-notch themes, plugins, and other inbuilt tools to help you build anything: personal blog, e-portals, portfolio websites, or just an eCommerce website.

It comprises of user-friendly interface, highly customizable options and loads of feature that encourage users to create and customize website, with zero need of having a technical knowledge. So, if you’re not a tech geek; be happy, you won’t have to bother at all. WordPress would do everything for you.

All-in-all. WordPress is one-stop-solution as it has everything to meet your requirements with ease. WooCommerce is one of the key plugins of WordPress, and it’s become a leading plugin since 2011 in the small and mid-sized online merchants due to easy of downloading and most importantly, it’s free.

b. Magento

On the other hand, Magento is also the most popular eCommerce platform equipped with a collection of eCommerce feature to help you create minimal yet professional-looking websites from scratch.

Over 100,000 eCommerce stores are built on this platform; start-ups to giant brand- every business leverages the power of rich features of Magento to create eye-catching and most responsive online stores. Undoubtedly, Magento is everywhere.

This platform consists of everything to help you become robust online storefront. From top-notch customization and functionality support to advanced features i.e.Shopping cart, multi-store management, product catalog and One-Page checkout, Magento has everything to make your dreams come true.

Ease of use


a- WordPress

If you’re concerned with unique selling proposition(USP) of WordPress, three words should pop up: Ease of Use.

Yes. WordPress is easy to use and it does contain intuitive user-interface.

Along with being easy-to-use, it houses best eCommerce plugins in abundance.

Actually, having plugins is indispensable for any CMS for eCommerce as they help store owners to not just create, but also tweak and customize a web store for the purpose of generating high leads for your online business.

Another best thing about WordPress is that you don’t need to be highly skilled in coding and programming because this platform is built in a way that anybody can create, add, edit and delete pages and posts of a website in minutes.

b- Magento

Well, for beginners and online merchants with little or no coding abilities, Magento could be a tough choice. You might face complications when it comes to managing multiple product categories, product pages and check out processes etc.

Whereas, you might need to hire a professional Magento development company to help you build a successful web store, without needing you to do heavy lifting.




As far as flexibility concerns, WordPress completely win the race as it offers a full range of plugins (premium and free), to help you convert plainly simple website into fully-thriving online stores.

A user can extend the functionality of online store and can add incredible eCommerce features e.g. Event listings, Inventory, Shopping cart integration, Product catalog management, credit card integration, contact forms, live chat box functionality and so much more to give hassle-free and rich shopping experience to your customers.

It’s flawless functionality isn’t just limited to eCommerce plugins, even, WordPress has various other best plugins such as speed optimization, social media integration, caching, and SEO etc.

Plus, it ensures safe and secure integration with widely known payment services worldwide i.e. Paypal.


Since WordPress offers wider collection of plugins covering all purposes. Whereas, Magento focuses mainly only on eCommerce features. It is purely eCommerce platform but out of the domain of online commerce, this CMS fails to fill the requirement of a user.

It is a second good choice for you to create your online store because of its core features and handy capabilities and Magento really helps its users to stand out in the competition.

Also, a user can integrate to some of the most powerful extension to escalate overall functionalities of your web store, arrange your product catalog, build highly responsive and mobile-friendly designs and lots more with ease.



Security is one of the major concerns for an eCommerce site owners. That’s because people are making payments online and they want a safe and secure environment.

From security standpoint, WordPress is not a good choice. Lately, it has been vulnerable to hacking attacks and various other security threats. Its vulnerability increases when more eCommerce plugins are added into it.

Better evaluate CMS before adopting it because any third-party plugins might cause you harm because they are insecure and can affect the security of your website greatly.

Security perspectives of WordPress make it tiring experience for online merchants as they have to update plugins, themes and lots of other things to keep themselves secure from hackers.

So, if your intention is to double the revenue of your storefront without getting under the radar of hackers and threats, WordPress may disappoint you somehow.

b- Magento

Magento is satisfactory choice as far as it has a plethora of best features. Since, it comes with a big collection of extensions, a user doesn’t have to worry at all about insecure code or any other security threat.

All you need to do is to ensure that- whatever extension you’re installing is reliable and developed by a professional and credible developer.
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Always remember: a secure and safe web store does help you create a strong customer base for online business. And, it’s only possible when you’ve all important extensions installed on your website to help you keep your site and online business safe from security threats and especially hackers.



a- WordPress:

WordPress is actually built to be developer-friendly as it’s not complex and programmatic at all. Likewise, WordPress is highly flexible in comparison to Magento. So, development-wise, WordPress is for everybody.

b- Magento:

Magento is highly advanced and it is an enterprise-level ecommerce platform because it’s built in this way- to cater just online businesses. Therefore, processes are more complex and really programmatic than WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

a- WordPress:

To succeed at SEO in WordPress, it’s really important for you to only count on cleanly coded themes, and reputable plugins e.g. Yoast SEO. Since, WordPress is intuitive and easy to set-up, optimizing your online store for search engines won’t be hard enough. Just log into the site’s dashboard, fill all SEO-powering field and you’re all ready to go.

b- Magento:

Well, to succeed in SEO for Magento, users should be assured of how well-scripted a theme is. In contrast to WordPress, Magento isn’t really made with content marketing in mind. Therefore, you or any online store manager will have to go the extra mile to increase the onsite SEO.

Even though Magento is an incredibly strong platform for eCommerce, however, it doesn’t give up its basic elements such as UI (user-experience) to help you with search engine optimization (SEO) endeavors.

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com


Still, are you dumbfounded as what CMS to choose for online store or just building a website?

Well, It shouldn’t be as I’ve mentioned key and most important comparisons clearly.

– WordPress is good because it is simple, customizable, flexible and user-friendly CMS.
– Magento is fully eCommerce platform helps people create interactive online stores from scratch.

So, if you’re considering flexibility, user-friendly interface, ease-of-use: WordPress should be your first-choice.

Technically, Magento is an object oriented platform, that is more complicated to learn. It demands real programmatic and technical approach to develop a website. However, built-in security feature of Magento will make your eCommerce site more secure to combat major cyber threats.

Alright, to ease up this situation for you; I’m going to help you decide which best option to choose knowing the business specific purpose.

Find out the Ultimate Purpose of your Online Store

You should discover the ultimate goals of your web store: Do you want to create a web store? Or do you want to build a multi-vendor marketplace; Certainly, you’re going to select the best available option by finding out a real purpose of your online presence.

A- If your goal is to provide virtual products then WordPress is an ideal solution for you.

Wondering Why?

Because, you don’t have to integrate complicated and mind-numbing shipping arrangements, tracking of orders or anything because it lets you install Easy Digital Download to market your digital products easily.

B- Do you want to build a multi vendor marketplace? It means you want to sell hundreds and thousands of services and products online. For this, you require more dedicated platform i.e. Magento. This platform has all features and functional to help you setup a professional online store from scratch.

Final Word: WordPress vs Megento: Which platform is best for you?

Clearly, Magento is an ideal platform as it has best enterprise-level ecommerce development capacities. On the other hand, WordPress has best features to assist you in building revenue-generating Online Store.

In a nutshell, if you want to create something bigger, Magento is the perfect choice for you because it is highly secure and one most important thing: Security is secrecy and secrecy is the victory. Be first-class web store owner with outstanding security.


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  • Golpik Inc Team
  • October 11th, 2019

Forget about your product right now; it doesn’t matter how revolutionary your product is, if you have poor or no lead generation strategy in place. Because it’s true that an average product can outclass big names with failproof lead generation strategies and can transform itself into a brand that persuades, satisfies, and it all happens just because of one thing: A well planned system to generate Leads. Therefore – keep in mind – you need to have well-thought lead generation strategies to make yourself stand out in the competition. Otherwise, you’ll be on a road to become one of those startups and businesses that fail to grow, even though they’ve best products.

You don’t need to worry at all as I am going to share 5 fail-proof ways to generate more leads for your business. Let’s unpack them now:

1- Invest in new technology

Beyond a question, new technology is a trend-setter in the market. From browsing a website to connecting your friends on social media, we use either smartphones or tablets because this emerging technology is user-friendly and mobile. So, leveraging new technology is inevitable for businesses to skyrocket lead generation and help take product to the next-level.

Therefore, it is indispensable to invest in new technologies to drive your leads. They help you to reach to the customers in a short period of time, that’s impossible using traditional methods for generating leads.

As a matter of fact, it is hard-nut-crack to come with relevant targeted audiences for lead generation. But technology here solves this problem quite effectively. Take an example of Facebook Custom Audiences at this point: it eases up targeting users matching buyer personas of your existing customers, allows you to generate high quality leads and increase ROI, and believe it; possibilities are endless with emerging and disruptive technologies.

Alike finding relevant targeted audience, predicting customer behavior is complicated task for marketers. Again, investing in new technology surfaces as a saving grace as Artificial Intelligence uses predictive analytics to help companies, businesses and marketers to predict customers’ behaviors quickly and effectively.

2- Tap into Big Data

Big data is an emerging industry that is estimated to go bigger than $100 billion by 2020 has a great potential to help marketers in lead generation. It’s incalculably handy tool that provides quick and flawless insights related to anything: From personalized targeting to native marketing.

A big data is huge domain for marketers where they can benefit from loads of data analyzation and management tools to understand and apply strategies using data to escalate lead generation.

Data virtualization is also revolutionary approach that help marketers save their time and cost without compromising on their lead generation targets. Technically, it conveys immediate, relevant and factual information about targeted audiences in charts, animations and graphs. Undoubtedly, data virtualization really does ease up lead generation efforts for marketers.

If you’ve difficulty finding potential leads for business, you should try Data.com- a huge database that maintains a list of companies with complete contact information. Plus, it will help you in identifying relevant and reliable leads in a brief period of time. Rest assured: Data.com offers a broad set of data which can contribute to increase your overall sales and lead generation.


Marketers come at ease to interact with people who showed their interest previously with retargeting technology. Retargeting shows custom leads as made as per their behaviours. Happily, this new technology has a moderate impact on collective behaviour of consumers because they know the brand and they have visited it before. However, it depends up a brand or marketers how empathetic their lead generation is.

Retargeting Is Like Dating

Let’s take ‘Retargeting’ as a date. You can’t propose for a marriage to someone strange and random you saw minutes ago but you can ask for a date because you want to build an understanding first. This analogy of ‘Retargeting is a dating’ means that you should first build relationships with your customers, let them know you and they will definitely come back to you.

May someone comes to your website and goes away without buying anything. But it’s normal. However, you should keep retargeting them empathetically and help them find the best solutions. As a result, they will like you as you know them and are aware of their needs.

Bear in mind: Retargeting is a two-way street. You shouldn’t overstep boundaries and compel targeted audiences towards conversion right after a single website visit. Don’t act like stalker, be professional and don’t retarget them incessantly.

Therefore, with little effort and hands-on retargeting plan, we can improve and increase your lead generation.

4- Use Email Marketing



Email marketing contributes to direct engagement. It’s really result-driven in current online marketing scenario. It’s straightforward, quick and cost-effective method to generate and maintain qualified leads. However, there are few things which must be kept under consideration while constructing email content for lead generation:

A- Subject Line: Your subject line should be enticing, so that it could make the recipient ready to read. It should address genuine problems which potential lead is facing.

Important Note: Always write a humanistic and real subject headline, don’t let your email land into ‘Spam Folder’ of lead with phony headlines.

B- Concise: Prospects have limited attention span now. They don’t want to read gibberish email. Write concise but engaging emails and save your prospects’ time without compromising on the quality of a message.
C-Social Media: Don’t forget to incorporate social media links in your email. Because, a brand or product that is visible is quickly salable. Let them know and understand you by inviting them to your social media pages.

D- Images: Images are storytellers. 1000 words can’t describe a story which an image can deliver. It’s a good idea to incorporate images into your email. Hint: Always include lightweight images so that they couldn’t affect loading speed)

E- CTA: An email without CTA is like a ship without direction. A CTA (Call-To-Action) sets direction which is lead generation. Always incorporate CTA. You can do it on multiple places inside an email but don’t overdo.

5- Put Outbound and Inbound Marketing into Action

Although, Inbound marketing is a new normal now but Outbound marketing is still effective. It’s a healthy practice to deploy both approaches in a balanced manner. This way, you will be able to generate more leads that too within specified timeframe.

For Inbound marketing- personalize email communication with strategic and well-planned email marketing. Be active in online communities by sharing valuable and informative contents. Help your customers find quick and real solutions to their queries. All-in-all, this strategy will help you build healthy and long-lasting relationships with customers which will consequently lead to more leads.

For outbound marketing, you can implement other strategies as well. Like you can invite your leads to a trade show or event nearby where you can interact with them one-on-one or you can outreach to clients demographically via paid advertising. Well, deploy outbound and inbound marketing approaches, in both ways you can win your goal easily – More Leads.

Conclusion:  5 Ways to Increase Lead Generation for your Business

Business lead generation doesn’t happen instantly. It is NOT a black magic. Because, buying leads online can be a piece-of-cake but acquiring genuine leads takes efforts. To increase your lead generation, better invest in new technology, tap into big data, apply retargeting approach, use email marketing and put to use outbound and inbound marketing practices, and you will surely see your results going through the roof.

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  • Golpik Inc Team
  • October 9th, 2019

8 Top Strategies to get a Solid Online Presence

Since this world is evolving at a rapid pace; you, your brand or any business owner shouldn’t stay static because time has already come to show your presence everywhere. Yes, and it’s incalculably easy by leveraging hidden power of ‘Web.’ It doesn’t cost a fortune to build the strong presence, all you need is an internet connection, yourself or your brand, impeccable strategies.

Beware: If you’re not tech-and-web savvy, building an online presence could be tiring experience for you.

Well, if you’re smart at handling complexities, loves to deal with challenges, and can learn things easy or hard way, congratulations: victory is all yours.

So, to ease up this entire journey of getting a solid online presence, here I’m going to share 8 strategies that will help you and will make everything as easy as A-B-C. Let’s start immediately:

1- Determine your message

Before you look for strategies to get visible online presence, an important thing should be done first: Determine your message.

In order to determine a message of your brand’s or your presence, you need to do the following things:

a- Write down your plan.
b- Categorize your set goals, aims and objectives as per urgency.
c- Strategize on how fast you can achieve your goals.

Once, a message of your brand is clear to you, it’s a time for you to break into smaller bits. Because your goal should be to achieve online presence timely. Reasons? Because, they are not the only one in this race of quick visibility, you will see tens of thousands of people and brands working their tail off to become the next ‘Big Hit’ on landscapes of Internet.

Apply holistic approach to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) goal, and break your One Big Goal into smaller sub-goals with actionable steps and add deadline to each sub-goal because you can’t improve your productivity and efficiency of your sub-goals without tracking time.

Determining your message is really helpful as it eases up your goal- to achieve online presence. Along the way, it boosts your confidence and keeps you motivated to stay persistent in the time of disappointment and temporary failures.

2- Provide Value

If you want to make your online presence visible; better provide value to people across the internet. Share knowledge, and help them make good decisions. Consequently, it will make you a valuable source of information online.
Always remember: Don’t preach unless you bleed. So, experience things first for yourself and then communicate your message. A value which you will provide through a content either it’s a video or podcast or a blog, it will bound to affect the lives of your followers living across the globe. And, they will realize quantifiable change in their daily doings because you’ve walked what you had talked.

You are guaranteed to become a voice of trust, empathy and authority because you share real, reliable and relevant experience to people.

So, if you’re strategizing for solid online presence; keep value-centered information in mind and you will find yourself in top-5 of your niche. Try it and you’ll enjoy it.

3 – Invest in your Growth

Expecting to build solid online presence without investing in your growth is merely fallacy and folly. Nothing worthy can be achieved without improving one’s self. On the other hand, investing in your growth doesn’t mean monetary investment. It can be anything that makes you useful, that makes you stand out in the herd. It can scope out flaws in your strategy, or finding mistakes which you’re committing when it comes to making your internet presence widely recognizable on internet.

A better understanding of this idea of ‘Invest in your growth’ is possible by analyzing competition. Measure deeply where your competitors are outdoing you in this race of rampant virality. Try to comprehend that why big chunk of internet traffic goes to your competitors when they’re stuck in a problem. Believe it or not; investing in your growth is handy strategy as it will take you to the right tools, will connect you to the right people and taking your internet presence to the next-level will be as easy as A-B-C.

4 – Be Consistent

Majority of brands, companies and humans are addicted to the single biggest and most unhealthy habit called ‘Inconsistency.’ Yes. This common phenomenon is present everywhere. Especially, when it comes to online presence, people and brands go insane and this insanity creates more roadblocks instead of putting off hurdles.

Therefore, everybody trapped in a rat-race of online stardom expects to reach ultimate goal of virality overnight but real success takes long nights. So, if you’re strategizing to get solid online presence, make sure to have ‘being consistent’ in your list.

As a matter of fact, this world of internet is fickle. It changes at a rapid pace and keeps changing. So, it’s very important for you to be fully aware of the ins-and-outs of this game of online presence. I’m going to share two handy tips to stay consistent for building solid presence in 2019:

a) Sign up for Google Search console- this free web service will help you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your websites searches in Google search results, and

b) A Content Calendar- it helps in keeping your online presence in shape because you’re offering content( video, audio or text) of value to people on the internet.

So, I would recommend you to brainstorm consistently, plan consistently, and act consistently. This consistency will build solid internet presence for you or brand.

5 – Make Videos for Real Interaction

Since, internet is swamped with all types of contents; attracting relevant audience has become excruciating. Plus, the availability of low quality, duplicated and nonsensical content proved to be the last nail in the coffin of quality content creators. However, this is not the end. Still, there are plenty of opportunities available for brands and individuals to make their marks on the internet.

Guess what, you’ve already a tool to increase your brand awareness and reach your targeted audience with ease? And that that tool is video marketing. Yes. It is a video marketing that can save your time and energy. Especially, in this era of information overload, where attention span of audience has shrunk to seconds, shooting videos for yourself and your brand is inevitable for online presence. Therefore, a video of upto 2 minutes can do a magic which 1000 words content might fail to satisfy a reader.

A website with integrated video on landing page is likely to increase conversion rate by 80%. A video increases organic traffic from SERPs by more than 150%. Out of total consumer internet traffic, 80% will be a video traffic by 2019.

Therefore, your time is now to leverage from video marketing and raise high in your competition. Be a real problem-solver and widespread popularity across the internet.

6 – Use Podcasts to Raise your Brand Awareness

Alike videos, podcast is the new normal. People now look for handy ways to digest information and reach to the conclusion of problems instantly. Therefore, Podcast is must-have now. Especially when you’re working to advertise your product, brand or service or you want to increase sales, Podcast will be a saving grace for you and/or your brand.In reality, podcast is relatively newer concept; so majority of audience you can target is ‘Millennials’ because they are tech-savvy, they are open to change and they are hungry to learn new things.
Since podcast is readily available source to convey information on diverse topics. That’s why; a business or an individual can build everlasting trust and empathy with an audience worldwide using daily or weekly podcasts.

I’ve compiled key benefits of using podcasts below that will contribute greatly in making your online presence truly identifiable and quantifiable:

1- Podcasts are highly engaging because you reach directly or indirectly to the devices of your audience and they grab a chance to listen you talking about something most important related to their lives.

2- They are super easy to create. All you need is just a space and microphone and all you need to do is just speak from your heart and it will lead your audience to the new understanding.

3- Podcast is convenient and cost-effective alternative to video. Alike videos, they help you increase traffic that ultimately makes reliable solution provider.

7 – Be Social

Going social is indispensable for you, a brand or any individual in order to gain traction across the Internet. Being social will get you to the smartphones of billions of people because only in USA over 70% of adults use social media sites for an average 2.2 hours daily. With your active presence of social media channels, you can access to 3.26 billion people on their mobile phones. This is the reason that majority of the businesses keep 5 to 10 profiles because they fully understand the need of a flawless social media strategy.

If you’re a professional web developer or creative UI/UX designer, you must try your hands around LinkedIn because it’s the platform where your voice will echo along with other professionals from different domains. If you have a brand and you want to increase your brand awareness, then Facebook is sweet-spot for you. It has Cross Border Insights Finder to help brands compare and analyze data i.e. age, education level, language, interests, and differences etc., to find new business around the world. Plus, with Facebook Blueprint eLearning course, you can learn to use targeting to reach to the right people at the right time.

Likewise, Twitter is another great platform with over 326 Million users worldwide which makes it widely-used social networking platform. To add surprise to the details, Twitter ads are 11 times more effective than TV ads during live events.

Rest assured: Getting actively social on all social media channels will lead you to building rock-solid internet presence for life.

8 – Plan, Publish and Analyze Quality Content

Content is king. And, it will always rule. Nothing can bring you closer to your targeted audience more than perfectly crafted content. Therefore, you should leverage the power of content and you will rise and shine.

Undoubtedly, it is easier said than done. But, if applied sanely, content marketing is the right tool which you use for your benefit. This process of content marketing is divided into three main phases which you must use incorporate throughout the process and you will find yourself everywhere across the internet.

It’s not an easy process but it’s not impossible either. With correct brainstorming and little efforts, you can start engaging targeted audience and pave the way for widespread popularity throughout the internet.

There are three stages of content creation to embark on a journey of building solid online presence:

1- Plan
2- Promotion
3- Analyze

1- Plan

You will not build a house without a blueprint, a sculpture without a sketch, or a company without mission statement. Likewise, content creation can’t be achieved without a flawless plan in hand. In other way, you might become vulnerable to distraction, and that’s unconstructive and detrimental for your online presence.

2- Promotion

Content is anything- It is a video, it’s a podcast and it can be a text on your website. But, the success of your content solely depends upon the ability to adapt medium on which it will be published. One thing be kept clear throughout the content creation process is that ‘One-Size doesn’t fit all’, therefore, make sure to watch for a platform and you will ease up your journey.

For example, social media content differs from blog content, and they both are far more different than the website content.

3- Analyze Quality Content

The final, and most crucial step in content creation process is ‘Analysis’. Keep in mind: you can’t actually come to know what is advantageous for you or what you should improve without a relevant and reliable data.

Whatever you analyze is totally dependent on your content strategy. Well, these are few most important metrics that you should consider for better analysis of your content:

1- Page Views
2- Organic Traffic
3- Bounce Rate
4- Conversion Rates
5- Engagement Rates
6- Audience Growth

Final Words: Build your Online Presence with Top 8 Strategies

In a nutshell, no hard and quick rule is attached to these strategies. You shouldn’t be perplexed at all as which to apply and which to skip because these all strategies are workable in one way and another. At the outset, you should practice everything explained here: determine your message, provide value, invest in your growth, be consistent, make videos, record podcasts, be social, and plan and manage your content.

Over time, you will come to know what’s working and what’s not and what is best for you, your brand and your audience.

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  • March 10th, 2017

This is like the most relevant and a million-dollar question for nowadays. In such a desperate E-Commerce savvy world, where you have trillions of competitors for every comprehendible domain, the boundaries for error are thinner than a strand of hair. This is the point where significantly understanding what to do and what NOT to do is important.

Make a query with any professional digital marketing service provider company for guidance on increasing traffic and sales, you’ll be recommend the following steps:

Social is the Way

Social Media Marketing refers to publicizing on the numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Make sure your website and blog has all social media buttons that fascinate your visitors to follow you.

Many of the SEO companies would advise you to share your content on various social platforms. People are consuming a lot of content on these social media sites, so be there and let people read your stuff. If they engage with you a lot many times, it will build up trust and later, website visits and sales.

Great Content

It is a common problem that E-Commerce website owners don’t provide much consideration to write SEO friendly copy for product descriptions.

If you own a website, then you must admit this that there is no formula for fantastic content. Combine your content with infographics, some visuals effects, listicles, photoblogs etc. Fresh and relevant content would definitely bring better search engine results.

Write Eye-Catching Headlines

Communicate to any specialized SEO services company and you will hear that keyword optimization can only bring traffic to your website. Attractive and catchy headlines make the visitor deep plunge into your content.

Long Tail Keywords

Most of the web explorations, nowadays, are happening around long tail keywords. While ‘app developer’ is a keyword, ‘best app developer in USA’ is a long tail keyword.

Realizing long tail keywords in order of search dimensions is not difficult. Google AdWords, Moz etc. are some of the most popular tools that help you in this direction. Therefore just be sure that your website is augmented with long tail keywords.

Improve Site Load time

One of the factor that marketers mostly overlook is site load time. When a visitor visits your website, would he will go to the next page or not, solely depends upon how rapidly your site loads.

Several visitors turn away from websites when they discover the site slow to load. Even if you hire any best SEO Company for keyword optimization, unless your site is well optimized for images etc., you will hardly get any traffic. In the eagerness to have many striking images on the website, the marketers forget that exceedingly rich images and videos may slow the website down. Do include images but they should be well optimized.

The Site Should be Mobile Friendly

According to innumerable estimates, people are spending much time on mobiles than on laptops and desktops. The most significant takeaway is that the marketers must make their websites mobile friendly.

The website must work great on mobiles and tablets. It should be friendly and understandable to the two main operating systems these days- Android and IOS. If you lose this main sight you may lose out on visitors and sales.


It is not just adequate to make your site attractive by putting great graphics. What is more vital is to virtually get into the mind of the probable visitor and visualize the expected user behavior.

Great websites set in a lot of effort to install terrific UX and UI. The entire layout of the website is fabricated around the customer expectations. Great UX and UI works magic on visitors and get more repeat traffic.

As per a survey, more than 98% of visitors leave the websites they visit without any conversions. But through retargeting, you can influence your visitors to return to your website by reducing cookies on the computers of your first-time visitors.

These cookies or computer engendered programs show themselves up as ads to your visitors as soon as they leave your site and go elsewhere. Therefore make sure your website is well ready for growing traffic and visitors.

Use Analytics

It may happen that you have implemented a great keyword strategy as well as your site is loading fast on mobile devices and tablets, but have you checked your stats yourselves?

You may have hired a proficient SEO services company but it would do you unabridged lot of good if you check for yourself that which keywords are performing and which aren’t. What is the source of your traffic? What is the bounce rate? Are you getting traffic from more of Android devices or through the iPhones etc. Most of the answers to these questions can be found when you install the Google Analytics tool on your website.

Nevertheless these are not the only ways to get more traffic on your site, but you can begin with these 09 well proven strategies that may help you get more visitors and eventually convert them into visitors. Contact us today if you are looking for professional SEO Company to increase traffic and sales on your shopping cart website.

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