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Cloud Architecture

Summary Use of Cloud delivered software services is growing and will likely continue to do so. The blog will help you understand why you need to migrate to the cloud for your business productivity and growth. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on setting up, maintaining, and upgrading the hardware and infrastructures for your on-premises software […]

Golpik Admin
September 15, 2021

The process to store and move data has rapidly emerged with huge expenses and modern aspects. The selection of software, hardware, and infrastructure need is powerfully bounding several firms. The companies are working hard to develop a robust system that can integrate a well-defined and cost-effective organization. The primary decision-making process of businesses and organizations […]

April 12, 2021

Cloud cost optimization is the processing way to minimize the entire cloud spends through the identification of right-size computing services. It also includes identifying the reserved capacity for higher discounts, eliminated wastage, and mismanaged resources. Cloud computing is changing in different ways that help in building and deploying renowned applications. Nowadays, cloud computing models are […]

March 10, 2021

Nowadays, the success and failure of all businesses rely on technological innovation. Many firms have adapted to technical business, enabling them to grow and expand more technologically. Businesses are confronted with increased needs, requiring them to streamline their IT infrastructure in a more scalable manner. It is pertinent to note that IT infrastructure consumes huge […]

January 28, 2021

Nowadays, firms have been continuously adapting to cloud technology. It is a basic idea to incorporate into the capability of accessing storage capabilities and distributed computer processing. Under a 2016 poll, it revealed that 41% of companies plan on adapting to cloud technology. Now large firms are accepting trends of getting fast, as compared to […]

January 20, 2021

The cloud managed services determine a collaborative partnership among service providers and companies. It provides a great contribution among different factors, such as overseeing application performance, expertise financing, built-in infrastructure, and cloud technology. It creates an automated platform that extends all through the cloud stack. It ensures direct monitoring of optimal management for different cloud-based […]

November 26, 2020

The businesses are now increasingly migrating their application to the cloud. Cisco estimated that over 80% of businesses are generating traffic through a cloud-based system. The leading vendors are delivering great performance through cloud management. A good example is Amazon that achieved a huge 42% increase in its revenues in the initial quarter of 2017, […]

October 28, 2020

Are you wondering why cloud apps are on rise? Well, This revolutionary smartphone technology with over 5 billion users along with 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps is telling us why cloud apps are rising and how it is impactful in our daily lives. These numbers and figures show that cloud apps will […]

February 7, 2020