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It’s 2020. Every business should have an established website by now. In a world where personal connections have been replaced by online connections, it’s not really a surprise that the world of business shifted alongside it. Humans have adapted and lead a more digitally-forward lifestyle so the natural reaction would be to move your business […]

December 16, 2020

In a world of crisis, with a visible increase of the COVID cases, every small/large business is somehow under effect. And the huge bulk in stats shows that it is not going anytime soon. So, the only way to deal with this pandemic is to learn how to accept this fact and learn to use […]

Golpik Admin
October 13, 2020

5G is pacing up at warp speed to revolutionize day-to-day communication of people across the globe. It’s already emerged in world’s major cities. However, it is NOT prime time yet for fast 5G. Are you wondering why? 5G’s reputation is at stake. Because, over a dozen of vulnerabilities observed in this trend-setter – which are […]

Golpik Admin
November 13, 2019