Leverage educational software development to solve your key needs

Education is a multibillion-dollar sector that is continuously being transformed by technology. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are replacing boring classrooms in colleges and universities, while massive textbooks are giving way to mobile devices.

Whether you need a complex online learning platform for corporate employee training or want to try yourself on this market with a simple e-learning solution, such as a microlearning-based mobile app for B2C business, contact highly experienced Golpik developers, and turn your commercially successful project into a reality in the shortest time possible.

Build custom eLearning solutions for your niche using our extensive software development experience

Education sector

We are here to help you enhance student enrollment and completion rates at your institutions. Create robust education software to improve the students’ knowledge retention, boost classroom engagement, and revamp productivity


Looking to notably improve your bottom line by boosting employee acquisition and retention to? In addition to upgrading employee skills, our enterprise-grade eLearning solutions will enhance collaboration, streamline onboarding, and keep your staff motivated.

Non-profit sector

NPOs have to deal with high employee turnover, strict accountability, and tight deadlines on a day-to-day basis. Allow us to enable you in ensuring regular staff training, boosting volunteer engagement, and lowering training expenditures.

We offer a full scope of eLearning solutions






  • Online Student - Tutor Platform

  • E-learning Solution

  • Online Exam & Assessment Solution

  • Self-Learning Management Systems

  • SaaS-based Healthcare Management & Learning Platform

Custom EdTech software development solutions that endorse seamless learning

Through technical expertise in building personalized online tutor management systems, Golpik helps improve student outreach. Our profound understanding and knowledge helps manage end-to-end teacher-student interaction to craft the best learning path for students

The custom application can include features like,

  • Learning management
  • Video & audio whiteboards
  • Campus portal support Custom notifications & alerts
  • Supplemental instruction reporting
  • Integration with meeting channels like zoom, google meet

Tailor-made e-learning software that engages and impacts learner success

We develop applications that provide the students & teachers a seamless digital experience. With our mobile-first approach, we first build content for the mobile experience and then transition to a desktop user experience. Our e-learning application development expertise equips businesses, training companies, universities and publishers to impart high-quality educational content.

The tailored learning and education software solution can offer sustainability and scalability. It promotes flexible tutor-student interactions, eliminates manual errors, and delivers exceptional learner outcomes with features like,

  • Drag & drop course creation
  • Virtual classrooms with AR/VR interaction
  • E-Learning assessment tools
  • Resource library
  • Compliance & certification support
  • Multi-device usage

Enhance student performance & monitoring with digital assessment solutions

Golpik can build and execute unified and AI-enabled online exam management systems that make automation-driven assessments & evaluations. Our education software development services reduce the TAT of conducting tests and publishing results drastically. The remote proctoring software optimizes operational efficiency and promote data-driven decisions with the help of intelligent features;

  • Multi-type & multi-series tests
  • Certification & evaluation system
  • Anti-cheating module
  • College/school search
  • Compliance & certification support
  • Multi-user login & role-based accesse

Easy to use & intuitive learning solution that promotes continuous self-improvement

Golpik assists to custom build self-learning management systems having important features like data management, advanced reporting and assessment to benefit businesses, universities and schools.

  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Gamified learning approach
  • Robust reporting
  • Assignment-based peer learning
  • Customized learning paths with personalized feedback
  • Real-time communication capabilities

A comprehensive system that guarantees frictionless communication between parents & teachers

Golpik can help manage daily operations and modernize the way schools conduct daycare initiatives by building custom childcare management solutions. Such easy-to-use child care system can integrate with important modules like lesson planning, attendance & meal program tracking, payment processing, parent-teacher collaboration, progress reports & more. It helps ensure reduction in paperwork and capture learning milestones with key features like;

  • Program management
  • Reporting & feedback
  • Dedicated parent portal
  • Regular updates & emergency alerts
  • Staff management & scheduling
  • Health & immunization records

Case study

HealthCare Learning Management Platform

For an American Institute of dizziness and balance disorders revolutionizing healthcare professionals, patients and public’s engagement.

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Professional edtech solution development with a focus on

  • Usability

  • Reliable & Scalable

  • Flexibility

  • Integration

  • Compliance

  • Quality

  • Cost optimization

Usability and Ease of Use

  • Easy navigation
  • Smooth Student Onboarding
  • Frictionless instructor-learner communication
  • Top Notch UI/ UX designing

Reliable & Scalable

  • Designing of fault tolerant architecture for speed and scalability
  • Conducting Load and stress testing

All-encompassing Flexibility

  • Adjustable Learning Paths to track student’s progress
  • Strong course authoring capabilities
  • Course Internalization

Frictionless Integration

  • Third party eLearning solutions
  • Integration to payment Gateways
  • Integration to CRM, ERP,HRIS and more

Compliance and accessibility

  • SCORM, XAPI compliant
  • Data security standards
  • HIPAA, GDPR regulations

Superior Quality

  • End to end Software Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Quality Assurance

Cost optimization

  • IP rights safeguards for investment protection
  • No forced upgrades
  • Offering only those features that users actually require.

Enhance learner productivity with a custom eLearning solution

We have the accurate knowledge and tools to build an edtech solution that deliver results.