Transform your technology core, while keeping
your engine running

Your traditional systems, which once provided significant business value, have now become obsolete legacy applications. Incompatibilities caused by the Patch-up strategy have severely limited your ability to scale or extend the functionality of existing systems.

Most organizations are taking the strategic step of modernizing legacy systems. Enterprises have varying requirements for app modernization. It can range from giving their existing applications a quick facelift to changing their system architecture for easier maintenance and scaling.

We at Golpik, help enterprises modernize applications with our portfolio of platforms. These platforms can rapidly transform underperforming systems by migrating them to modern, long-term solutions. Collaborate with us to bring a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery drive new efficiencies and sustain momentum – all of this without disrupting your current business operations.

App modernization services we provide

Delivering an extensive range of modernization options for your software.

Upgrade consulting

We provide a thorough analysis of to provide a detailed report on the options you have to update your outdated app.

  • Comprehensive IT audit
  • App portfolio rationalization
  • Technology and platform consulting
  • Extensive reporting and BI insights
  • Modernization roadmap

Cloud migration

Reduce operational cost, improve availability, enhance security and staff efficiency by migrating to the cloud.

  • Impeccable migration to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and many more
  • Hybrid and multi cloud environment
  • PaaS, SaaS and IaaS cloud service models
  • Mainframe rehosting while maintaining business logic

App reengineering

We rebuild outdated software using modern technologies, add new features, modernize and optimize the code as per your business requirements.

  • Refactoring legacy codebase
  • Reverse engineering when source code is not available
  • Design and specification authoring
  • Custom extensions and plugins
  • Rewriting system components

Seamless integrations

We help data to smoothly transit across your current and future systems to ensure flexibility.

  • Custom-built connectors and integration templates
  • Hassle-free API integrations
  • Integration of third-party BI tools or custom analytics solutions

App modernization services benefits to your company

Better performance

We will ensure that your core legacy systems and applications are up for the challenge of today’s demand for operational efficiency and speedy performance

Outstanding scalability

We won’t let scalability be a hurdle to your growth by helping you re-engineer your solution into a micro services-based architecture or migrate it to the cloud to improve business agility and flexibility.

Easier maintainability

With the assistance of our experienced software engineers, you can unravel dependencies and refactor your legacy code, allowing you to optimize your maintenance budget and save funds for innovation.

Improved security

You can keep your systems compliant with the latest security standards alongside protecting business-critical and customer information with the help of our security experts.

Cut operational cost

Cut the maintenance cost of legacy systems that is getting more expensive every day due to consistent attempts to make the outdated system meet the business goals.

Superior user experiences

Increased user engagement by embracing the cutting-edge technologies to create new digital experiences while making your company stand out among the rest.